Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodness Gracious

Wow, it's been a while. Again with the whole hating-goals-because-I-can't-stick-to-them thing. You know that Book of Mormon goal I mentioned? Yeah...it didn't work out so well. I made it to about Alma and then things started falling apart. I need some serious goal-keeping help.

But, on a happier note, I FINALLY did P90X today! I got some resistance bands (a few weeks ago...) and did a chest and back workout. I think I did all right, though I'm still trying to figure out how exactly the bands work. There are tricks you have to learn in order to get good enough resistance, and I'm still trying to figure those things out. BUT, I worked out. After weeks of inactivity, I did an hour and a half of P90X. Woo hoo! Boy, am I going to feel that tomorrow.

I don't think I even really want to mention the food goal...but hey, last week was Thanksgiving, so I have the same excuse as every other American for eating WAY too much. And then I've had other things that have included eating out...like football games and friends in town and birthdays...so eating has not been so good. But at least I worked off some of those calories today! Hopefully I'll actually be able to keep it up this time. (And yes, I know I say that at the end of every post. But I'm really, really hoping that this time it works.)